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Animal movement: symbolic dynamics and topological classification

Pages: --, Volume 16, Issue 5, 2019


Abstract: We present a deterministic discrete dynamical system, which is used to produce and classify a variety of types of movements. The dynamical system is determined by the iteration of a bimodal interval map, dependent on one real parameter, up to scaling. The characterization of the movements is based on the topological classification of the discrete dynamical system. Techniques from symbolic dynamics and topological Markov chains are used. With this approach we obtain efficient simulation capability and a very simple characterization of distinct types of regular or complex motion. We discuss the application of the method to describe animal movement.

Keywords: animal movement, iterated maps of the interval, symbolic dynamics, kneading sequences, topological entropy
Mathematics Subject Classification:  

Received: July 2004; Revised: August 2004; Published: November 2004.