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Existence and stability of traveling wavefronts for discrete three species competitive-cooperative systems

Pages: --, Volume 16, Issue 5, 2019


Abstract: The purpose of this work is to investigate the existence and stability of traveling wave solutions for competitive-cooperative systems with three species. The existence result can be derived by using the technique of monotone method with the help of a pair of explicit supersolution and subsolution. Moreover, some sufficient conditions ensure the linear determinacy for the minimal speed is given. Then, applying the weighted energy method, we prove that the traveling wave solutions are asymptotically stable in the weighted Banach spaces provided that the initial perturbations of the traveling wave solutions also belong to the same spaces.

Keywords: Traveling wave solution; monotone system; supersolution; subsolution; weighted energy estimate
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Received: July 2004; Revised: August 2004; Published: November 2004.