About AIMS Press

As a publisher providing scientific and professional communities with valuable information, AIMS Press has been publishing all the journals issued by the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences since 1995.  All of these journals are of institutionally high quality and international reputation, with most indexed in SCI-E and five of the flagship journals in SCI.  Some of the journals are via collaborations with prestigious universities, such as Arizona State University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Zhejiang University.  These journals can be viewed at www.aimsciences.org.

To better serve the communities and share the latest and best scientific research with everyone, AIMS Press takes great endeavor to publish Open Access, online, peer-reviewed journals in the major scientific and medical fields.  AIMS Press strives to keep its tradition of publishing only high quality journals and having its new journals indexed by all the major indexing companies in the shortest time possible. To achieve these goals, a rigorous review with high standards and rapid editorial process/publication will be strictly followed. All original research and review articles (reports) published by AIMS Press are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication. Authors publishing with AIMS Press retain the copyright to their work, licensing it under the Creative Commons Attribution License which allows articles to be re-used and re-distributed without restriction, as long as the original work is correctly cited.

While open access journals often collect Article Processing Charges (APC) from the authors' institutes or research funding bodies, such fees are fully waived for the initial three years for all of AIMS’ new journals. However, a fee may apply for those articles that need major (English) editing and formatting.

Why publish with AIMS Open Access journals?

Open Access

All articles published by AIMS Press are Open Access under the Creative Commons Attribution License ( http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0 ). Under this license, authors retain ownership of the copyright for their content, and anyone can copy, distribute, or reuse these articles as long as the author and original source are properly cited.

Benefits of Open Access

•  Maximize research impact.

•  No permission is required from the authors and publishers to cite the content.

•  All global researchers can access the content freely.

Rapid review and publication

•  All articles submitted to AIMS journals will go through a rapid and rigorous peer review.

•  An initial decision will be made within 15 days after submission of the article.

•  Once the manuscript is accepted, it will be published online within 5 days.

Abstract & indexing

We strive to have all AIMS journals indexed by all top databases, including web of science, PubMed, Scopus, Google Scholar, etc. The papers published in AIMS journals will receive maximum exposure and citations.

Paper promotion and interaction

Papers published in AIMS Open Access journals are widely promoted via many channels, i.e., email alerts, tables of contents, newsletters, press releases, social media, scientific conferences, etc.

AIMS has an interactive function on the article's webpage where the author can communicate with other experts.

Visual paper impact

AIMS provides a visual paper impact function. This means that the readers and authors can see the citation statistics, paper rating, and reader comments on the article's webpage.


We encourage the author to provide video, audio or flash to present their research and promote their paper. The multi-media materials can be uploaded onto a third-party platform. For example, an author may post a video on YouTube and send the link to AIMS to be announced with the paper.